The Potato Liberation Front in Co-operation With TOWACA PRESENTS


The tragic story unfolds to the plaintive and authentic strains of real cowpierogie ballads, sung by generations of cowpierogies standing their lonely range vigils.
(music cue)
“Whoop-ee ti-yi-yo git along little pierogies…
It’s your misfortune and none of my own.”

Share the heartbreak…share the TaterTot tent…share the spud.

23 Responses to “The Potato Liberation Front in Co-operation With TOWACA PRESENTS…”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    You’re worrying us, dear.

  2. Crusader says:

    Ya’ know they like getting oiled up……….

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    I like how they cuddle under the rosemary tree.

  4. You’re worrying us, dear.
    You’re the one who thought the LEGOS were so clever…

  5. Ken Summers says:

    I didn’t say it wasn’t clever. But artistic types do tend to be prone to nervous brokedowns.

  6. Dressing a pierogie is enough to give you a brokeback. Little buggers are slicker ‘n sn*t.

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    Dressing a pierogie?
    Obviously you used ranch.

  8. Ken Summers says:

    My I throw in a gratuitous Hank Williams reference?

  9. Ken Summers says:

    “Goodbye Joe, me gotta go, me-o-my-o
    Me gotta go pull the pierogie down the bayou…”
    Who knew there were Polish Cajuns?

  10. In that part of the swamp, filé gumbo could be a command as well as an ingredient.

  11. Ken Summers says:

    Uh oh. I feel a Jim Stafford reference coming on…but I can’t seem to make a pierogie joke out of it so I won’t do it.

  12. Nightfly says:

    Heheheheh. You put fake flames on a pile of matches.

  13. That’s for the “Come on baby, light my fire” musical interlude.

  14. Gunslinger says:

    I’ve only one thing to say…

  15. Read the tent, did you?

  16. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Throw in some sausages, and the photos will be complete.

  17. Dave E. says:

    Not being critical….but uh, those lambs look like furry bass with legs. Correction, My Favorite Martian bass with furry legs.
    Maybe it’s just me.

  18. Jeez Dave, it’s not like we have a LEGO budget around here or anything. We do the best we can with leftovers.
    Man. I’m crushed.

  19. Dave E. says:

    Oh my, don’t be….I just see bass everywhere. Can’t help it. Thank God they were able to smooth things over with that woman in Payables last month.

  20. Dave E. says:

    Sorry for the double post….got an error….from the website too.

  21. I fixed ‘er up, just like I did with my little western diorama. You make do with whacha got. ::sniff::
    And you seem to have a serious bass fixation problem. Sounds like that Ambien “I didn’t know I was on Interstate 65 the wrong way” dream state. Here’s a picture of a big stud with his lunker hanging out for you to drop off to the big slumber pond with.

  22. Dave E. says:

    Dare I say it?….Brokeback bass…The Movie.

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