The Radar at Columbus AFB, MS

…right now. There are so many tornado warnings, the thing is wigging out and can’t keep up.

God bless all those folks under that nightmare all over the middle of the country, including Crusader and family. It’s like Toad’s Wild Ride with fangs attached.

update: This is as menacing as anything I’ve ever seen. Taken from a third story apartment in Tuscaloosa.

update: AW jeez, Birmingham took an F-5 in the chops and one sad little tweet a short while ago just said,

Tuscaloosa is gone…

4 Responses to “The Radar at Columbus AFB, MS”

  1. JeffS says:

    Whoa. Stay safe, Crusader!

  2. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Ack. One of my first conscious memories is of a tornado heading for our house (I was born in KC).

    We were lucky – it missed us by one house. They got some shingles removed, the houses next to them got flattened.

    And we didn’t so much as have a blade of grass disturbed. I really respect and fear the tornado.

    Hurricanes too, but the thing that scared me most in Charley was that freight-train sound that sometimes overwhelmed the roar of the hurricane.

  3. David Crawford says:

    Stay safe all of you guys back there. One of weather benefits of living in Washington state is no tornadoes. And for that I am eternally grateful believe me. I’ll gladly put up with the rain for that as a matter of fact. Again, stay safe.

  4. Ave says:

    I watched the footage with jaw dropped. Unbelievable but sadly true and I pray it will stop soon. Take care, Crusader!

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