The Real Problem Facing The West

Mark Steyn has, as always, a brilliant column up today talking about how the lowering birth rates in western countries are at the core of many of the problems staring at us. Go read it, think about it…and crack open an extra bottle of wine with your beloved this weekend.
(hat tip to Chrenkoff)

2 Responses to “The Real Problem Facing The West”

  1. Nightfly says:

    Whew. Steyn is smokin’ again. “His chops are just too righteous!” (Yes, I have a 10-year old cousin.)

  2. Alright, since I’ve already blown the good light in the studio for painting, I’ll share this little ditty (Ooooh, wait. that’s Bingley’s thing.) reminiscence. Dr. Emil Domac was a charming Yugoslavian émigré, whom I was delighted to have as my Latin Cultural Studies prof, during my abbreviated hiatus at an institution…of higher learning. (HAH! Gotcha!) Having been a traveler of worldly proportions, he explained the U.S.’s rapidly approaching zero birth ratio this way (read it to yourself in his ‘I vant to drrrink your blood’ accent):
    “Is all verrry seemple, this too many babies and no babies. In Sout Amereeca, poor farmer works his fields, come home to deenner before sun sets. They have no electricity, oil for lamp costs money. So eet’s dark and what you do? Make babies. Go to fields next day, eat, make babies in dark, over and over and so forth. Here in Amereeca, what you do? Amereecan youth go to school, have electricity, watch TV, have party, use hallucinogenic drugs. No time to make babies.”

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