The Religion of Peace and Love

I’d say that’s a little over the top. Is he God now?

A Dover, PA resident about Pat Robertson’s latest articulation of all the love in his heart. Now, send him $10 so he can keep the spirit flowing.

4 Responses to “The Religion of Peace and Love”

  1. Ken Summers says:

    Has anybody actually given a rat’s patoot about Pat Robertson in the last 20 years?

  2. Well, SOMEBODY keeps sending the hateful a$$hole money, right?

  3. Ken Summers says:

    Sorry. I meant anyone who matters.

  4. Crusader says:

    I think ken hits the nail on the head. We are members of the conservative SBC, and almost every church-goer I know thinks he is a loon. power-wise, he is a poster boy of the MSM, who love to pull him out to make him representative of all church folk. i hold him as the McCain of the church, as he is the resident babbling asshat.

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