The “Show Me” State…

…doesn’t like what it sees

(CNN) — U.S. Senate races in Kansas and Missouri and a ballot measure seen as a referendum on President Obama’s health care reform highlighted Tuesday’s primary elections.

Missouri’s Proposition C allowed voters to decide if residents should be allowed to opt out of mandatory health insurance, a key part of the administration’s health care plan.

The measure succeeded handily, winning by a three-to-one margin to allow residents to opt out.

Funny what happens now that people are actually getting a chance to read this beast and find out what’s in it.

Some cynics out there might even dare to suggest that perhaps our Enlightened Leaders perhaps ought to do that before they vote on these bills…

One Response to “The “Show Me” State…”

  1. Syd says:

    Obama to the country: “The will of the people has never stopped me before. Full speed ahead.”

    Missouri to Obama: “Lick my nightstick”

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