The Squid Terrorist…

…is back from Biloxi. With pictures. And they’re horrible. He and his Pensacola crew (Plus one from Savannah they’d worked with during Ivan) left on Tuesday to clear the runways, taxiways and get a functional space running at the airport. He got back late last night and steady relief flights are coming in. I’ll have a gallery of his pictures set up later.
UPDATE: Those poor folks in Mississippi are feeling neglected and unloved. Not sure as I can blame them ~ I remember how we felt after Ivan. We’d gotten hammered and all anyone heard was Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.

Richard Gibbs was disgusted by reports of looting in New Orleans and upset at the lack of attention hurricane victims in his state were getting.
“I say burn the bridges and let ’em all rot there,” he said. “We’re suffering over here too, but we’re not killing each other. We’ve got to help each other. We need gas and food and water and medical supplies.”…
…In poverty-stricken north Gulfport, Grover Chapman was angry at the lack of aid.
“Something should’ve been on this corner three days ago,” Chapman, 60, said Saturday as he whipped up dinner for his neighbors.
He used wood from his demolished produce stand to cook fish, rabbit, okra and butter beans he’d been keeping in his freezer. Although many houses here, about five miles inland, are still standing, they are severely damaged. Corrugated tin roofs lie scattered on the ground.
“I’m just doing what I can do,” Chapman said. “These people support me with my produce stand every day. Now it’s time to pay them back.”

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