The Story Of The First Christmas Tree Angel

Daughter told me this last night, and I thought I would share this heartwarming tale with you in the Spirit of the Season…
Once upon a time, many years ago, Santa was having a very, very bad Christmas Eve.
Rudolf had a bad head cold and couldn’t fly. Santa’s sleigh was still broken from a particularly bad landing last year. The packages weren’t wrapped because the elves had been hitting the eggnog early and hard and were now stumbling about, singing bawdy songs about dwarves. Mrs. Claus had burnt the Christmas cookies again. And the little angel that Santa had sent out to get a tree for the house had been gone all day and still had not returned. No, Santa was not neither jolly nor merry.
Suddenly, the door burst open and in fluttered the little angel, hauling a large tree behind him. The angel glanced about the house and said in a loud voice…

“Hey Fatso! Where do you want me to put this tree?”

2 Responses to “The Story Of The First Christmas Tree Angel”

  1. A classic, indeed. So now what you need to do is to go here and listen to, first, “The Angel” (#3) and then “Who put the Stump?” (#4).

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