The Streets Are ALIVE

…with the sound of SCREAMING!!!!!!


(Ghoulish House of Horrors, courtesy of the Squid Terrorist)
And to the utter and complete amazement of Major Dad and myself,

9 out of 10 kids cheerfully say “Thank You!.

Wow. I mean W. O. W.! And the few who forget either have a mouthpiece that prevents speech or still yell Happy Halloween as they escape into the night with their booty. It’s been incredibly heartwarming and fun. The Happiest Night of the Year !!

Our house, with it’s tasteful plethora of Jack-O-Lanterns and multitude of lights.

18 Responses to “The Streets Are ALIVE

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    We just watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

  2. Lisa says:

    Boooooo. It’s raining here and we’ve probably had only 20 or so. Usually we have three times that. Before 7:00 p.m.
    I bought six pounds of candy, and let’s just say the ones that HAVE come? Got big ass handfuls.

  3. Yes, YES!!! A most proper celebration and expression of the Happiest Day of the Year !!
    I salute you!
    (We’ve got Sleepy Hollow on the Alert Five spot.)

  4. A most generous spirit, Lisa! And you sound like my niece, whose plaintive wails of “NO Trick or Treaters” Major Dad and I still say it that way to this day. Broke our hearts! (We tried to tell her there aren’t many in the backwoods of Norf Cacklelackey, but hope springs eternal.)

  5. Lisa says:

    Hayden (who is waaaaaaay too cool for trick-or-treating) and I just finished our lovely Halloween dinner of. . .drum roll please. . .Kraft Macaroni-n-Cheese and chocolate chip cookies.
    Alex is off running around with his friends (he is going as Alex Rodriguez AGAIN this year, albeit in pinstripes instead of gray) and has not come home yet.
    Husband is out of town and missing all the fun. 🙁

  6. kcruella says:

    Only about 15 kids here, they got both the mini bags of microwave popcorn AND little bags of candy. I’ll be bring lots of candy to the office. I got The Legend of Sleepy Hollow going, just finished Hocus Pocus.
    And a happy annivery to my lovely sister Audrey and her charming husband Dave. 13 years today

  7. Gads, I forgot! Our felicitations as well. (What, no party?)

  8. Mike Rentner says:

    Most say thank you, but tonight as I was dropping a fistful of candy into a kid’s bag I said a cheerful “happy halloween.”
    The little jerk said to me, in a rude tone, “yeah, whatever.”
    I stopped, didn’t drop the candy in his bag, and sent him on his way. Some kids don’t seem to understand that this is charity, and I’m not obliged to give them something if they’re rude.
    But most are so cute and pleasant.

  9. Ebola says:

    Little bastards wouldn’t leave us alone at the apartment. Gotta have a knocker to hand out candy. No knocker on the door, no lights on besides my X-box…and these little runts are trying to open my door and come in. Yeeeeah, pleasant and cute only go so far for demon spawn. Bahumbug. Like rats that you can’t legally exterminate. Now, off to the party for a different kind of candy.
    As an afterthought, I notice Tim has expanded his nest of evil in the front yard. And yeah mum, I’ve lost my taste for kids tonight. =P

  10. (Speaking of Demon Spawn…whose kid IS that, anyway??!!))

  11. And yes, sweet child, he’s done up in a werewolf costume, Dave is in one of those bleeding faces thing and has been pooping up out of the bed of the Squid terrorist’s truck. We can tell by the screams we have kids heading our way. Dad says at least 150 at least so far.
    Mikey, YOU are the Emily Post of Halloween. What a puke monkey. That child should be glad he ran into you and learned something.

  12. kcruella says:

    This is the best Halloween ever, no Halloween party w/ themes like Who’s your favorite political figure??? Liberals are very dull people.
    That jaded little ebola cannot be my little pumpkin of a Godson.

  13. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Heh, we had Halloween here in Kuwait!
    A bit of background: all drinking water comes in bottles, which, in turn, are packed in boxes, and moved by pallets.
    While walking back to my hootch last night, I saw a pile of water boxes in front of my building. Two women were next to it. It was an odd location for the boxes, as they are normally stacked on a pallet right next to the building.
    And then the box lifted up, and started moving. Some guy, with the two women, were off to a Halloween party. The boxes were taped together, as a costume. Pretty original, thought I!
    I wished them “Happy Halloween!”, and moved on.

  14. Cullen says:

    Never underestimate the ingenuity of a soldier.

  15. Mr. Bingley says:

    Dave is in one of those bleeding faces thing and has been pooping up out of the bed of the Squid terrorist’s truck.

  16. Making kids POOP by POPPING out of the back of the truck.
    And shut up, you with a drink in your hand on the couch watching the telly like a lazy a$$ all night slouch. We work at fun around here.
    Sounds like that guy had the whole package, JeffS!

  17. Cindermutha says:

    We went to the mall for trick or treating and it took halfway through the mall for Brett to say thank you on his own. I kept tapping him on the head, but I must have been hitting the wrong button because he kept saying ‘excuse me’ instead.

  18. Nightfly says:

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed your frightfest. I got to spook some trick-or-treaters by popping my hockey helmet on and lurching to the door like a Frankenstein’s Monster. Heheheheh. And Mystery Science Night (Creature-Feature Edition) went off wonderfully!

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