The Swiffer Effect ~ Look Ma, No Streaks!

Well, the powers that ponder at the Opinion Journal have added to the voices asking why Hillary’s lawyers are trying to Swiffer-Duster the Barrett report on Cisneros.

Hiding the Cisneros Report
Hillary Clinton’s lawyer is staying very busy.
What don’t David Kendall, the law firm of Williams & Connolly, and clients such as Hillary Rodham Clinton want the public to know?

The Swilling was wondering about it earlier. This section:

What we do know for sure is that the 400-plus-page Barrett Report is essentially done, and has been for about a year; that the rules that allow a review and comment period for individuals named in IC reports are fair and proper; but that the review period (which was scheduled to finish in May) must end sometime if the public interest in seeing the results of the $22 million investigation is to be served.

…does answer one of the questions I posed. It says they’re required to allow individuals named to ‘review and comment’, not expunge. Hmmm…

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