The Westminster Dog Show


will be wearing his finest and watching the Black Labs get dissed yet again. He’s hoping his cousin Claude handles the disappointment with grace and good humor. It’s so hard on the young and idealistic.
On the other hand, Miss Boo (the Scottish Terror) could give a rat’s ass about any of it.
Dog shows are for cupcakes” she says.
A real dog won, Praise Jesus.

7 Responses to “The Westminster Dog Show”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    I may have to shield Claude from the tv this week…

  2. There comes a day in every young ‘uns life where the reality of the situation sets in. You can’t protect his tender heart forever. Tough call when to know he’s strong enough to take it…like when he gets dissed on, oh, say…Valentine’s day.

  3. First night update: The Scottie was robbed.

  4. No wabbies made the cut. Why do we torture ourselves…
    On a lighter note, the Westminster site links to a new Wallace and Grommit movie! Some Wensleydale anyone?

  5. NJ Sue says:

    I was rooting for Carlee or the bloodhound. I would have been really disappointed had the Pekingese won.

  6. The Peke looks sooo much like Cartman, even to the point of waddling like him, that every time we saw it we yelled ‘gah dammit’.

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