Them and Us

The French, I mean.

Dominique de Villepin, France’s prime minister, faced a deepening crisis on Thursday as thousands of students stepped up protests over his labour reform plans.

The student are fixin’ to rumble ~ some have already started with the de rigueur smashed windows, setting fire to kiosks and cars, blahblahblah. Pencil in a geriatric beating for two thirty, Francois and Abdullah, in the name of your disenfranchisement. So, the frenzy’s all about what? A new national employment contract,

The proposed contract allows employers to dismiss staff under the age of 26 more easily during a two-year trial period. Mr de Villepin has argued that it wouldcut France’s crippling unemployment. But students say it will bring instability, making them “the Kleenex generation”, used and then discarded. The battle over the new contract has dragged the prime minister’s popularity to record lows.

What a whacko system ~ I wouldn’t want it changed either, but they’re gonna be mighty surprised when it implodes. Grow up, France. I never got a trial period for any job I ever had. I did it until one of us decided I was gone. Free enterprise, capitalism, supply and demand, maybe a little worker productivity thrown in for the hell of it.

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