Then There’re These OTHER Assholes

At a recent debate over the battle for Islamic ideals in England, a British-born Muslim stood before the crowd and said Prophet Mohammed’s message to nonbelievers is:

I come to slaughter all of you.

I am GOBSCHMACKED CNN chose to open this article with those words. It’s almost like they want you to know what these guys are really like and what they’re really saying.
major dad believes the English are going to lay back and…um…something to do with a codpiece.
UPDATE: Holy schamoly! It looks like MSNBC is actually reporting the another Australian Religion of Peace (post below this) ‘Cat Meat’ kinda cleric!

An Australian Muslim cleric has urged children to be martyrs for Islam and referred to Jews as pigs in a series of DVDs, sparking condemnation by the government and further straining tensions with the nation’s Muslims.
Sheik Feiz Mohammed, head of the Global Islamic Youth Center in Sydney’s western suburbs, is the second cleric to inflame anti-Muslim sentiment in Australia with controversial comments.
Sheikh Taj El-Din Hilaly, the imam of Australia’s biggest mosque, was accused of justifying rape in November after a Ramadan sermon in which he said unveiled women were like uncovered meat.

Gobschmacked, I yam.

2 Responses to “Then There’re These OTHER Assholes”

  1. Gobschmacked, indeed. But, Ghod/Allah/Supreme-Being-Of-Your-Choice-Should-You-Have-One forbid we should kill our enemies in wartime.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    “Religion of Peace”, my achin’ a$$.

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