There Are No Green Shoots

…says the chairman/CEO of American Express. (And the Obamacans are gonna have a hard time calling his views a racist distraction.)

But I’d be VERY wary of the bus that was taking me back to the resort if I were him.
UPDATE: Wowsers! I can’t believe what I’ve been hearing, but CNBC has been all NObama, ALL day. The latest CEO to jump on the Beat Up the ‘Bama Bus is CKE’s [Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr., etc.] Andy Pudzer, who just said:

…”What we need is someone to get scared. 9.4% unemployment would scare me. but I guess it doesn’t scare the government. It just scared them into spending more money. They need to do something to stimulate business.

Spending on roads and bridges don’t get it.”

It’s been an astonishing smack-down, from floor traders speaking their mind to CEO after CEO. Recently acquitted former AIG head Hank Greenberg (“Greenberg has criticised AIG since his ouster [2005], which was unrelated to the company’s massive financial problems over the past year…During the trial, he continued his attacks on the managers who succeeded him, saying, “Things do change when you have a management that does not adhere to principles that would be good for AIG stock.“) said…

“…government involvement [forcing officer removals/installations, etc.] in private business is un-American…”

‘Twould appear there’s quite a few folks who didn’t get the Hope ‘n Change memo…

2 Responses to “There Are No Green Shoots”

  1. JeffS says:

    Why would anyone in Obama’s adminstration be scared of anything? They all know how to do Socialism right this time, don’t they?
    Well, don’t they?

  2. Retread says:

    That warning issued a few months ago must have had an expiration date. For weeks CNBC was talking up even the smallest positive move by anything that moved, and minimizing the downers. Makes one wonder if they’ve been getting an earful off air from many of their guest CEOs, CFOs, etc.

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