There Seems to Be a Lot of This Going Around

The Syndrome is alive and well. From Central America

A former Guatemalan dictator said a Spanish judge’s order for his arrest was unfounded and insisted that as president he was not aware of any atrocities committed by military officials during the country’s civil war.

…to a collective “who, us?” in Lebanon

…Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz also demanded that Lebanese army forces be deployed along the border, saying Israel would not allow Hezbollah guerrillas to reoccupy its positions there. Lebanon has long refused to do this, saying that it is not in business of protecting Israel’s northern border.
The Lebanese government said Wednesday that it had not known of the Hezbollah operation, did not condone it and bore no responsibility for it. The Lebanese Cabinet, which includes two Hezbollah ministers, urged the U.N. Security Council to intervene.

These little countries are amazing. Their governments are so pervasive, they can have the secret police at your door in 5 minutes for flushing at the wrong time. But 200,000 people dead? An Islamic terrorist group controlling the southern half of the country? I mean, honestly ~ how’re you supposed to keep up with all that? It’s like saying Ken Lay should’ve known.

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