There Was Something About This Article

…on the Times UK tonight…
..that I found hugely depressing. “Men ‘told to kill all Iraqis'”. I knew the commander of the Army Brigade in question was Col. Michael Steele (of ‘Blackhawk Down’ fame), who is being investigated for allegedly giving the order to ‘kill all Iraqi military-aged men’. We saw the story on World News Tonight yesterday (a story that is now missing from the website) and so I recognized his face. But the ‘Massacre Evidence’ link goes to a story on the Marine’s Haditha investigation. As if the two were interchangeable. As if it didn’t matter what uniform it was or what town or who died. It’s all lumped into one ugly pile. The Army atrocity is dispatched with a headline and a sentence ~ no point on expanding coverage, just set the link to the next Marine massacre in the queue.
If you look carefully at the whole page, Americans are the only ones killing anyone in Iraq.

3 Responses to “There Was Something About This Article”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Yeah, well, THS, little brown people killing each other doesn’t count, didn’t you know?

  2. tryingtohelp says:

    Just thought you would like to know the “missing” article from ABC news that has the broken link can still be found on some of the ABC local news websites…here it is is anyone is interested

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