There’re Some Interesting Contradictions

…in this CBS/NYT poll for 6 Oct. Bush gets HAMMERED when people are asked about his handling of the economy, 34% approval to 57% disapproval, fails MISERABLY when asked about Iraq ( 30% to 66% ) but comes out a just squeak behind when asked their opinion of his handling of ‘the war on terrorism’ ~ 46% thumbs up to 48% in the ‘he sucks’ column. In what might be good news for Congress in a twisted fashion, they get drubbed in a ‘how Congress is handling their job’ question by a 27% approval to 64% ‘throw the bums OUT’ margin. BUT, when asked how their LOCAL representative was doing, everybody ( 56% to 27% ! ) loves their own guy! So is “Congress” an abstract for most voters? That would work in the Republicans favor I’d think. That’s until schizophrenia hits again (in question 26) where those same voters, asked if they think their 56% beloved rep has earned re-election ‘doing a good job’ back in question 8, 43% say “no”. ¿Que?
Now, back to the economy. Bush takes a whoopin’ on his handling of it, but when asked on a five point scale HOW the economy ITSELF is doing, 60% of the respondants rate it in the VERY GOOD/FAIRLY GOOD categories! ¿Que? (How do they think “good” happens when a guy’s been president for the past 6 years? At some point or another, he or Karl Rove had to have done something right. Mah-roons.)
There’s also a ‘favorable/not’ list of questions which includes Cheney, Hastert, Condi but no Democratic leadership. I thought that odd.
Of course, there’s 34 pages of this drivel and 87 freakin’ questions before they get to the demographic ones signaling the end, so I guess you might be a little brain dead when it’s done.
Provided you weren’t already when it started.

2 Responses to “There’re Some Interesting Contradictions”

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Every penny devoted to these stupid polls should be applied to supporting our soldiers.

  2. It’s no damn wonder the Clinton Administration was paralysed trying to formulate policy to polling.

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