There’s Nothing to Say About This…

…that can prepare you. Just feast your eyes. Or claw them out of your skull.
Via Lisa. (Yes, it’s true. LEEEsa. Who knew?)

5 Responses to “There’s Nothing to Say About This…”

  1. Tony.T says:

    Claw your eyes out?!?
    His Holiness will have something to say about that.

  2. Major Dad and I were at my first and only Indianapolis 500. Chuck Yeager was driving the pace car, a stunning lemon yellow Corvette convertible. Sweet mother of mercy, what a man in what a car! Everything was magical. The day was young yet, but even the ‘show us your boobs’ bimbos had obliged the entreaties of the lower orders and every butt in the seats had participated in a wave that went completely around the track. The glow of a once in a lifetime event hung over our seats in turn four, as the traditional pre-race elements went through their paces. “And now”, the loudspeakers said “to sing our National Anthem…” the crowd turned expectantly toward pitrow…
    David Hasselhoff!!!
    Stunned silence. Then the plaintive voices of twohundredfiftythousand strong crying out to all the gods in the firmament,
    David Hasseldorff???”
    Warble it he did.
    To this day, years later, I still find myself wondering what the flock the Hulmans were smoking.

  3. John says:

    I have long wondered what the Hulman’s were smoking. I went to Rose-Hulman back before it went co-ed. The faculty was in favor of going co-ed. The students were enthusiastically in favor of going co-ed (probably under the mistaken impression that there are more women who want to major in engineering than there really are…).
    Mary Hulman insisted that while she directed the Board, the school would adhere to her notion that women should go to women’s schools and men should go to men’s schools. As soon as she went to her reward, Rose-’em Hose-’em went co-ed. Four years too late for me.
    What do you expect from a family that made its money selling a brand called “Clabber Girl”? Do youngun’s these days even know what clabber is?

  4. Mr. Bingley says:

    Does penicillan no longer cure it John?

  5. John says:

    Never did. That was just a myth.

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