They are Berklempt

Their demands are insatiable

The student body at Berkeley has a lot on their plate these days what with the imminent arrival of Ben Shapiro sending everyone scrambling for their safe spaces and all. But with so much to be done on the social justice front there’s simply no rest for the weary.

In case you hadn’t heard, there are offensively named buildings to be tackled on campus. We must wipe away all vestiges of racism or colonialism or… something. With that in mind, the students are looking to change the name of Barrows Hall. That one clearly has to go because of the evil, sordid history of the man it was named after. (The College Fix)

click through to see who they want to rename the building after.

Nothing surprises me any more, but at least they are showing their true colors.

8 Responses to “They are Berklempt”

  1. BlackDog says:

    I vote to rename the building after Emmanuel Goldstein/ Winston Smith/jbouiudgc????
    [BlackDog is will be available for further comments after he has completed his voluntary annual duty as neutron shielding at our peaceful use of enriched plutonium production reactor. Long Live Big Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

  2. BlackDog says:

    Mini-Love HQ to London HQ: Replace that thought police man for not using enough exclamation points. Long live Big Brother!

  3. BlackDog says:

    Big Brother to Mini-Love HQ: Liquidate this individual for using the notgoodthink word man. Long Live Me!

  4. BlackDog says:

    To All INGSOC Party members. Big Brother must be eliminated because he perpetuates the patriarchy! Long Live Big Sister!

  5. BlackDog says:

    To All INGSOC Party members. Big Sister must be destroyed because she/zhe/he/ze is not fully LGBTQABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUZWZYZ inclusive. Long Live Big Whatever!

  6. BlackDog says:

    To all INGSOC Party members. Big Whatever must be annihilated because of the perpetuation of sizeism!
    Long Live ???

  7. BlackDog says:

    Last entry. [YYYYAAAAHHHH!!!]
    Saving the last of my JD for a final toast to Jerry Pournelle.
    May God keep in the palm of his gripping hand.

  8. Kathy Kinsley says:


    I’ll join you in the toast to Jerry Pournelle. Cheers.

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