They Blew Their Cookies

In yet another example of pensions run amok the Girls Scouts are $347 million in the hole

NEW YORK (AP) — Given the friction and financial woes facing the Girl Scouts these days, perhaps it’s time for a giant friendship circle. Under that long-standing tradition, a ring of Scouts clasp hands and give a little squeeze, accompanied by a silent wish of good will.

Just a year after its centennial celebrations, the Girl Scouts of the USA finds itself in a different sort of squeeze. Its interconnected problems include declining membership and revenues, a dearth of volunteers, rifts between leadership and grassroots members, a pension plan with a $347 million deficit, and an uproar over efforts by many local councils to sell venerable summer camps.


She really means it now.

5 Responses to “They Blew Their Cookies”

  1. BlackDog says:

    OK, OK. I will pay for 100 boxes. Now, will you give me back my dog?

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    For only 100 boxes which half of the dog do you want?

  3. Skyler says:

    We looked at the girl scouts for my six year old daughter. It doesn’t seem to have the same appeal to girls that it did when I was a kid. I think they’ve lost their way, even more than the cub/boy scouts have. They seem to put more emphasis on being friends than on camping. I wasn’t much impressed.

  4. NJSue says:

    The real problem is that the vast army of stay-at-home moms that used to sustain programs like Girl Scouts has vanished. My mom was a Scout leader; I was a Scout leader for a couple of years, and it was hard work. We got little support from the county Council, which threw up all kinds of bureaucratic crap in our way. It was like the organization was run by a cult of true believers who didn’t seem to understand that the leaders in the neighborhoods had lives and other responsibilities. It was a combination of CYA legalism (endemic to all volunteer organizations these days) and fantasy thinking about what ordinary people with jobs and families who do not eat, sleep and breathe Scouts could really give the organization.

  5. BlackDog says:

    It was 20 bucks per box. And she kept the cookies.

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