They Can Cut Your Head Off While You’re Still Alive and Mutilate Small Children

…but God FORBID you tinkle on their scum encrusted beards.

Someone at HQMC finally woke up.

Marine Corps retreats on court-martial charges in Taliban urination case

The Marine Corps has suddenly dropped criminal charges against an officer in the infamous Taliban urination video case, heading off what promised to be an embarrassing pre-trial hearing for the commandant on Wednesday.

Defense attorneys for Capt. James V. Clement had won a judge’s order, over objections from Marine prosecutors, for two staff attorneys to testify in open court about how senior commanders had interfered in the case to get a guilty verdict.

The lawyers also were seeking to question Gen. James Amos, the commandant, and wanted access to his private emails.

But the criminal case ended Friday when Lt. Gen. Kenneth J. Glueck, who heads Marine Corps Combat Development Command in Quantico, Va., and was overseeing the prosecution, filed a brief court paper withdrawing the charges.

John Dowd, Capt. Clement’s principal defense counsel, had accused the commandant of engineering the largest case of unlawful command influence in the Corps’ history.

“The withdrawal of the charges was another act of cowardice by the the commandant, his counsel and the the Judge Advocate Division of [Marine Corps headquarters] to cover up the worst case of unlawful command influence in the history of the Marine Corps, which was beginning next Wednesday to be uncovered in a hearing before the Chief Judge … on several motions to compel discovery,” Mr. Dowd said Saturday.

The defense attorney said he wanted to see email traffic between the commandant, his counsel and his legal division.

“That email traffic would have revealed that [the commandant] and his lawyers had engaged in a secret, corrupt effort to rig and control the investigations and dispositions of the so-called desecration cases until Capt. Clement refused to submit to a corrupt process [of being] charged with crimes he did not commit,” he said.

Capt. Clement’s defense counsel obtained a sworn statement from Lt. Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser, who had been overseeing all urination cases as the convening authority.

He told of a one-on-one meeting in 2012 with Gen. Amos in which the commandant said he wanted Marine defendants “crushed” via courts-martial.

The moron Marines involved drew “harsh criticism from the White House” when their video (geniuses) went viral.

The WORST they should have gotten was a Page 11 ~ basically a peepee whacking line in their Service Record Book. NEVER should it have been a Courts Martial offense, especially IMHO, considering WHO they were pissing on.

Anybody who equates being in the military to a civilian job should take a moment and eyeball the military “justice” system. You don’t sign away your rights to work at McDonald’s and you can walk out the front door any time you want if the boss has it out for you ~ even if you pissed in the fries.


5 Responses to “They Can Cut Your Head Off While You’re Still Alive and Mutilate Small Children”

  1. JeffS says:

    Good news! Sounds like the defense got too close to the truth.

  2. Larry says:

    and that pg 11 should have followed getting their asses kicked by their SSGT for taking PICTURES!!! in a combat zone…right after they got back from the infirmary from having their cameras/phones/etc removed from their rectums…

    or as one of my old CO’s once told me…Next time…DON’T LEAVE ANY EVIDENCE!

  3. Skyler says:

    I had assumed that the Commandant had intentionally made those statements against these Marines with the goal of ensuring that the charges would have to be dismissed with prejudice. But it’s coming to light that in fact he was acting like an immature and irresponsible captain with his first company command.

  4. Skyler says:

    I think the commandant needs to resign.

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