They Thought They’d Signed Up For Methicaid Plan B

Why should seniors only get government aid for prescription drugs?

Police Discover Possible Meth Lab in Retirement Community
He was pulled over for a traffic violation on Saturday night, but when police in Fresno, Calif., searched the vehicle of Robert Short, 64, they discovered a variety of drug-related items. And when they searched his apartment at a retirement community, they found even more.

Police looked through Short’s car, Sgt. Jaime Rios said, and found scales, packaging materials and plastic bags filled with “a large amount” of methamphetamine.

When investigators searched Short’s apartment at the California League-Fresno Village retirement community — a large apartment complex for low-income seniors — they found what they suspected was heroin and paperwork related to drug sales. They also found a jar that contained 8.6 ounces of what Rios described as meth that appeared to be “in the earlier stages” of production.

Specialized task force members were called to the apartment, Rios said, and “based on what they saw, they believed the suspect was possibly manufacturing meth.”

2 Responses to “They Thought They’d Signed Up For Methicaid Plan B”

  1. aelfheld says:

    Social Security only goes so far.

  2. Dr Alice says:

    “They believed the subject was possibly manufacturing meth.”

    Let’s not jump to conclusions.

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