Thinking INside the Box

I lasted .03334 secs.

10 Responses to “Thinking INside the Box”

  1. Rob says:

    After wasting about 2 hours of my life on that game some months ago, I can post a personal best of 13.something seconds. I really, really wanted to get to 18 and do the screen capture thing but I just don’t have that many years left.

  2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Supermen, the both of youse.

  3. Dave E. says:

    Got to 13.25 something after a few much worse and then it wouldn’t load again. I think you’re right, Rob.

  4. Gunslinger says:

    10.601 on my second try. (The first try was .314)
    Not bad for just waking up ten minutes ago.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    “You survived 17.369 seconds !”

  6. Dave E. says:

    23.194…and now I really do need to get some work done.

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    I’m not worthy, Dave!

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