This Handsome Marine With Such Loving, Strong Arms?

We lost him Thursday, in Afghanistan. He was only 19.

They’re bringing him home to Pensacola today. He’s from a little community just a tad north of here, but they’re all local, you know. They’re all our boys.

So we’ll all be there, as many as we can, either along the road or on bikes with the motorcade.

So his folks and fiancée know how very much we thought of their magnificent young man…and the people who loved him.

Sweet dreams, sweet boy and rest your brave warrior heart in peace.

Semper Fidelis, LCpl Travis Nelson.

8 Responses to “This Handsome Marine With Such Loving, Strong Arms?”

  1. aelfheld says:

    Requiescat in pace.

  2. Ebola says:

    Semper Fi

  3. nightfly says:

    “Dear God, what brave men I must lose before this business ends.” -George Washington

    Rest in peace, brave man.

  4. Mary in LA says:

    I have no words, only tears…

  5. JeffS says:

    Vale, LCPL Nelson. Go with God.

  6. Dr Alice says:

    THS, thanks to you and yours for standing by in the family’s time of loss. I am sure they will appreciate it.

  7. tree hugging sister says:

    Aw, it was so heart warming in the most heart rending of ways, Dr. Alice. There were a couple hundred Pensacolians stretched out for blocks from the bridge leading away from base. Some brought flags and some even brought enough to share in case other folks needed them.

    It was cloudy when we first started gathering, but then the weather turned biblical ~ the rain came in sideways with the full thunder and lightening, wrath of God display. All I could think was, “Oh, no. Not NOW.”

    But it let up just as the sheriff’s department escort outriders crested the bridge, with the Patriot Riders coming on behind. There were at least 200 riders from Florida and Alabama, God bless them. Oh, it was wonderful. And the State Troopers and Highway Patrol had vehicles, the Sheriff…so fitting. Such a solemn, proud procession, with the lights flashing, sharp uniforms and flags flying.

    I’m so glad they got to see us all out there for their boy. It stayed clear for the whole long ride, too, we heard. Little towns on the way up had cup signs stuck through in fencing and folks out as well.

    I hope it helps them some.

  8. Ave says:

    God bless LCpl Nelson and his family.

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