This Is an ODD Co-incidence, N’est Pas?

First salad bar spinach…then Iraqi policemen…and now…
Sweet little old ladies at a REPUBLICAN fundraising luncheon!

– “Suck it up, Grannie!” Senator John Kerry implores geriatric Republican supporter MayBelle Ipswitch, after presenting her with a luscious plate of victuals.
The widowed Mrs. Ipswitch replied saucily “But she hasn’t got any!”
“Shut your piehole and masticate, you blithering hag.” the Massachusetts Democrat retorted. ©TPI 2006

If anyone can establish WHEN Howard Dean and the Democratic leadership knew about Sen. Kerry’s garçon fantasies, we could blow this sucker wide open.

2 Responses to “This Is an ODD Co-incidence, N’est Pas?”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    He’s using a Plastic Tray!
    Of course, as a Frog Wannabe, that should be “Plastique Tres”.

  2. No way to trace the contents cause it’s DEESPOZable.
    It’s all tied together, I’m tellin’ you.

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