This Is Not The Deficit You’re Looking For

I have a feeling the above cartoon is going to be getting lots of airplay after the Most Openest And Honestest And Competentest Government Evuh delays releasing more information on their Shamblenomics Plan

WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House is being forced to acknowledge the wide gap between its once-upbeat predictions about the economy and today’s bleak landscape.

The administration’s annual midsummer budget update is sure to show higher deficits and unemployment and slower growth than projected in President Barack Obama’s budget in February and update in May, and that could complicate his efforts to get his signature health care and global-warming proposals through Congress.

The release of the update – usually scheduled for mid-July – has been put off until the middle of next month, giving rise to speculation the White House is delaying the bad news at least until Congress leaves town on its August 7 summer recess.

But see, it’s super-dee-duper important that Congress vote and pass His Plans before a) actually reading them and b) getting the results on the first couple of rounds of His Plans.

As Biden said, we’re going bankrupt unless we bankrupt ourselves first.

God, that sort of intellect must be a heavy burden.

Oh, and go to and check out his other great cartoons.

3 Responses to “This Is Not The Deficit You’re Looking For”

  1. Dave E. says:

    Heh…shamblenomics. The predictable result of wishful thinking and its buddy unintended consequences meeting reality.

  2. Teresa says:

    Y’know if only the Obama supporters were hit with bad things, I’d be all in favor of the entire government collapsing under the weight of its idiocy.

    Sadly, it doesn’t hit the people who should be suffering for such stupid ideas. It’s the rest of us that have to live with the fallout. BAH!

    BTW – I’ve been out of the loop a bit – love the new WP blog thing. It looks wonderful.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Thanks, Teresa!

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