This is not the sort of retro I like…

as our gas orices here have jumped $.50 today, and appear to be going higher Thursday. I filled up the Mitsu after lunch today for $2.69, and there was not another soul at the station (this being around 2:30), but at 6:30 the same station was up to $2.99, and there were line like I have not seen since Gerry Ford was the prez. And one station I went by to top of the CAGs Honda was already sold out. And we are in Concord, North Cackalackie, no where near the Gulf.
Personally, I would love to see the gas tax reduced to only that part which actually is spent on road maint ( meaning it would almost be eliminated, as so much of it is diverted to socialist programs of little/no benefit to those who actually pay it) and the EPA/Feds to mandate that ALL states use the Same 3 ( or 4, as there are some higher octane grades out there) grades of gas, so that we could maximize what refining capacity that we have. Vehicles these days run much cleaner, and people don’t drive the older cars near as much, so I just don’t see evidence that it would be the end of the world for the environment. It’s about time that the enviro-whackos get pushed back a bit to some sane middle ground.
Now I know that both thses things will happen when but I can still dream, I suppose.

One Response to “This is not the sort of retro I like…”

  1. Dave J says:

    The Feds absolutely need to eliminate all the different state gas-mix requirements. That kind of refining bottleneck is a pork barrel political luxury we simply cannot afford.

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