This Is Stupid

There. I said it. And it’s late and this kind of weasel speak makes my head spin. For the record, more American service members died during the Clinton years than have left us so far during Bush’s tenure. Well, okay. Some gooberhead wants to argue about more “combat” deaths during Bush’s term, but dang Einstein ~ it’s a WAR. As opposed to Bubba’s Somalia/Haiti/Bosnia/ad nauseum adventures in Commander-in-Chiefness. Honestly…aren’t people expected to die in combat any more? Else, why would we call it ‘combat’? And, if we weren’t in a ‘MAJOR conflict’, why were all those folks dying during Clinton’s 8 years? Maybe Hillary can answer, huh? And if all these combat deaths still don’t add up to what was, in actuality, a peacetime armed forces during Bubba I & II, WHY were there so many dead service members? (Come to think of it, there were a lot of dead/dying Clinton types period, weren’t there?) (Forget I said that ~ I mean no harm…) Training accidents, schmaybe? If so, then we should be vastly proud of the advances made in troop safety manifesting itself in far lower numbers once we bugger out and stop all those nasty ‘war’ wounds. They just screw up the stats.
A Swill Salute to the Gateway Pundit for confusing the pi$$ out of me.

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