This Party

…(Tampa’s version of Mardi Gras) could get ugly quickly.

If you want to drink a cold beer at Gasparilla this year, you better bring your own.
For the first time in recent memory, beer will not be sold at tents along the parade route.
…Instead of beer, revelers will be offered mixed drinks: Seagrams 7 with Lemon Lime; Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and Cola; Smirnoff Vodka and Lemon Lime Soda; and George Dickel Whisky and Cola.

Blech. ONLY mixed drinks? Sure glad I’m not part of the city clean-up crew afterwards.

5 Responses to “This Party”

  1. Guavaween is something I avoid religiously. 25 million people packed into 30 pr 40 square feet, 80% of which are drunk off their ass. Nothing good comes of that situation.
    Then, when you’re sitting at the police station filling out the report, you have to explain that the person who stole your wallet looked like a cross between Mickey Mouse and Lady Godiva.

  2. And then it dawned on me. You’re talking Gasparilla, not Guavaween.
    Only getting 4 hours of sleep really messes with the mind….

  3. Good-Lord are they crazy?!? Mixed-drinks only is an invitation to a knife-fight.

  4. That was EXACTLY what I was thinking, keith. That nastiest, quickest drunks are always the mixed drink ones.

  5. So Robb…GUAVAWEEN? You wanna ‘splain that?

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