This Photo of Injured Student Protestors Isn’t From Paris

It’s from Dallas.

5 Responses to “This Photo of Injured Student Protestors Isn’t From Paris”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Fort Worth Independent School District administrators said that while the experience is educational, they expect students to make up for the missed class work.
    They should learn about the legal system, and how it’s like in jail.

  2. Crusader says:

    “They work here. They work in construction. They build the houses. Not everybody else is in the hot (weather) working outside. They’re inside in air conditioning. We came to help them out, you know, protest,” Richie Meza said.

    All while breaking the law, dumba$$. As if it wouldn’t get done if they weren’t here? More reason to defund public education, if this is what they are being taught.

  3. Mike Rentner says:

    I can’t believe this would happen in Texas.
    I’d like to know who is organizing these students. Why do we let these people go unidentified. It’s like how the communists and labor unions (am I being redundant?) organized the riots in Seattle several years back. Most of the press made it look like it was all so spontaneous.
    I think they have a right to organize people, but not riots, and in either case the organizers should be identified if we had a press that was interested in keeping people informed.

  4. They’re not doing my bleeding heart any good either. I think folks are watching Paris burning and when this hits the screen (which, oddly enough, none ~ no pictures, no mention, NADA ~ made it to World News Tonight…), there could be some serious changing of hearts or, even worse, mobilizing of people who really could’ve given a rat’s patootie a week ago. There’s something hugely unfriendly in hundreds of thousands of people waving foreign flags and demanding that they be allowed to break the law with impunity, all the while threatening consequences if they’re not. Add in agitating high school students to truancy ~ because the criminal element will make sure it quickly gets out of hand ~ and this could get nasty.

  5. ljm says:

    Who is organizing these tree huggers? The answer is given very nicely at read the article “How environmentalists intend to rule the world.” Yes, it’s the extremely wealthy making fools of our young people. They even pay for protesters outside their own meetings… imagine that.

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