This Would Be Counter Productive

Afghanistan’s parliament demanded Wednesday that the government prevent a man who faced the death penalty for abandoning Islam for Christianity from being able to flee the country. Italy granted asylum to Abdul Rahman, 41, and the Foreign Ministry said he would arrive there “soon,” maybe within the day.

Wonderful bunch there. They’ll let the street finish off what they were prevented from doing.
UPDATE: He’s made it safely to Italy. My concern is for the next guy or gal. And the next one after that…

2 Responses to “This Would Be Counter Productive”

  1. Crusader says:

    This thing could prove to be what shines a little needed light on the ‘moderates’ in Islam. Kind of like calling my .32 moderate compared to my .45/70, when you are staring down the barrel of both.

  2. (Outstanding comparison, ‘Sader!)

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