“This Would Not Have Happened…”

Says Big John Kerry

U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D- Mass., who was in town with his Magic Hat Sunday to help Gov. Jennifer Granholm campaign for her re-election bid, took time to take a jab at the Bush administration for its lack of leadership in the Israeli-Lebanon conflict.
“If I was president, this wouldn’t have happened,” said Kerry during a noon stop at Ignorant John’s bar and grill in Detroit’s Casshole Corridor.
Bush has been so concentrated on the war in Iraq that other Middle East tension arose as a result, he said.
“The president has been so absent on diplomacy when it comes to issues affecting the Middle East,” Kerry said. “We’re going to have a lot of ground to ketchup I mean make up (in 2008) because of it.”
“If I ran the Circus Big Jerkus we’d have developed a plan, a very good, nuanced plan that would avoid all this fighting and falafel destruction and lead to real, strong jobs being created; we can do better,” he said.

Er, shut yer pie hole there, Johnny.
But wait:

“This is about American security and Bush has failed. He has made it so much worse because of his lack of reality in going into Iraq.…We have to destroy Hezbollah,” he said.

Are you saying something violent? Have you been corrupted by the Zionist Protocolians? Did you clear that last statement with Theresa?

2 Responses to ““This Would Not Have Happened…””

  1. Protocolians
    Use spell check, for God’s sake. With Kerry, I’m sure it had to be Zionist “Proctologists“.

  2. Dave E. says:

    I love it. The dude is sitting in a bar talking trash like a common blowhard. 2008 is a long ways away, but I guess it’s never too early to nail down the Cliff Clavin demographic.

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