Those Saturday PBS Cooking Shows STILL Have the Power

…to influence our dinner plans after all these years. We were watching the newest show Lidia has on our poor local station and WHAMMO.

No question what we were doing for dinner (Of course, she used swordfish ~ we’ve had this grouper in a block of ice in the freezer since…well…let’s just say pour water over all the fresh fish you want to freeze. Little fishie blocks of ice. Holds indefinitely.)

Oh, hot DAWG. Was it dee-vine.

And ONE pan.

2 Responses to “Those Saturday PBS Cooking Shows STILL Have the Power”

  1. My uncle used to catch catfish on the Mississippi. He’d bring them home, clean them, and put them in a quart milk carton. He’d fill the carton with water, and put it in the freezer. Kept great!

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