Tick Tick Tick For Billary

So Obama won NC convincingly and Hill barely won Indiana, with the result being that Obama has slightly increased his lead in the delegate count. Mind you, I guess it shows that there are still deep racial divisions in this country for Michelle O. to bemoan about when Hillary wins the white vote 59 to 36 (I’m guessing the balance of folks rightly refused to answer the question) but it shows unity and pride, not racially-based voting, when Obama wins the black vote 91 to 6.
I’m so tired of this endless campaign. It’s been going on literally for years, and at this point we have 3 very unsatisfactory candidates.
And still 6 freakin’ months until the election.
Where’s my drink…

5 Responses to “Tick Tick Tick For Billary”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Drink, hell, where’s the bottle!??!!?!?

  2. Her head must be exploding. And that’s HILarious, when you think about it.

  3. nightfly says:

    She must be furious. They’ve done everything short of openly saying “Screw it, she’s the candidate,” and she still can’t beat Obama – and everybody and his twin knows that he’s unelectable in the main event.

  4. Mockinbird says:

    Bye, bye Hillary!
    Perhaps you can stay in a Holiday Inn Express tomorrow night!
    Now, pass me the bourbon.

  5. Opinion on the local VRWC radio is that the reason she’s fighting it out, even when she almost certainly can’t win the nomination, is so that the Messiah gets crushed in the main event, leaving her open to run in four years.
    Cynical, yes, but not implausible.

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