Tiger Confirms…

That Bill Clinton is really Joe Isuzu:

Woods described a hole on the back nine.
“President Clinton rolls one in the bushes, then hits another one off the tee … right in the middle of the fairway, hits a nice little wedge shot up there to about, I don’t know, 6-7 feet.
“I hit a bad pitch, I blasted it by about 12 feet. … Then all of the sudden, he does one of these,” Woods said, gesturing like a player picking up his ball.
“It was 6-7 feet and he walked off the green. … So I’m sitting in the cart. He’s writing down the numbers, I happen to kind of …” Woods said, leaning back as if reading a scorecard over someone’s shoulder.
“Woods 4, Clinton 3.”


One Response to “Tiger Confirms…”

  1. Lisa says:

    Tiger’s in the hizzouse! By invitation only, natch.
    That by-line, “Roland, AR”, cracked me up. Roland is (well, WAS) a piss-poor redneck community out west of Little Rock that has been slowly but surely bought out by the hoi-polloi. I guess now they’ve put in a golf course, too. But it’s still Redneck Roland to me.

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