Tilted Toward the Dark Side

The Marine Corps plans to send the troubled Osprey aircraft into combat zones within a year and is activating a squadron of the tilt-rotor planes this week.
“Obviously, due to operational concerns we don’t want to tell exactly when they will deploy,” said spokesman Master Sgt. Phil Mehringer at Marine Corps Air Station New River, where the squadron will be based. “But it’s certainly going to happen in the near future. Definitely, within a year.”

As major dad said ~ schmutzing a very cush job in the civilian sector, I’m sure ~ the program’s a train wreck.

One Response to “Tilted Toward the Dark Side”

  1. Ebola says:

    Wow. Terrorists and dissidents need not apply, our government will kill it’s own men. Damn Osprey reminds me of the pinto in Top Secret.

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