Time For Some Tough Actin’


Man’s smelly feet trigger police raid
German police broke into a darkened apartment fearing they would find a dead body, after neighbors complained of a nasty smell seeping out onto the staircase.
…But instead of a corpse, they found a tenant with very smelly feet, asleep in bed next to a pile of foul-smelling laundry…

Woof! I hope the cops sock it to ‘im.

6 Responses to “Time For Some Tough Actin’”

  1. mojo says:

    I still love that cartoon (Kliban? Far Side?) of the guy banging on the ceiling with a broom, titled “Downstairs at the Riverdance”…

  2. Never eat anything bigger than your head ~ Kliban. Advice that still holds to this day.

  3. nightfly says:

    Geez, Flatley’s really sucking in the gut in the promo shot. His eyes may pop. Breathe, man!

  4. The_Real_JeffS says:

    At least you’re moving away from Huffingdork.

  5. Mr. Bingley says:

    It’s a process, Jeff.

  6. I think this whole obsession with John Corzine you Jerseyites have is sick, sick, sick. And you mock my little quirks.

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