Time To Party Like It’s 1929!

We’ve already got the stock market; now let’s get the girls!

9 Responses to “Time To Party Like It’s 1929!”

  1. Ave says:

    Oh, to be a bright Young thing again!

  2. major dad says:

    Don’t forget the beer volcano…Last I looked the market was down 400 or so, we are in the best of hands.

  3. Ave says:

    Take heart fellow Americans, the dollar is strengthening again and frankly if China were to mark their own government debt to market their growth rate wouldn’t be 9%, it would be more around 3%. True.

  4. Gary from Jersey says:

    The Chinese real estate bubble is exploding, and God knows what that’ll do to us.

  5. Donna D. says:

    At least none of you work for the company that I do – 3 CEO’s in 5 years must be some sort of a record – our stock is dropping like a stone.

  6. Kathy K says:

    And we’ll have a smoke easy to go to instead of a speakeasy…

  7. JeffS says:

    What gams!

    And my contribution to the party: Invest in precious metals!

  8. nightfly says:

    I suppose I ought to get to work on some scripts so we can entertain ourselves amid the rubble. Got a working title: “Gold Diggers of 2014.”

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