Time to Pull the Old “Sgt. Schulz” Routine?

Could be deliciously funny, in a “got ya, you smarmy bastard” kinda way.

MF’s Corzine Said to Know of Customer Fund Misuse

The regulatory arm of CME Group has turned over interviews to the Justice Department that allege former MF Global chief Jon Corzine knew that the now-bankrupt brokerage firm used customer money to lend to a European affiliate, a CME executive said on Tuesday.

The information is fourth-hand but is the strongest statement yet from a regulator that Corzine may have personally known customer funds were diverted for firm use.

“Because of Jon Corzine…” **snicker**

One Response to “Time to Pull the Old “Sgt. Schulz” Routine?”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

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