Tiny Bubbles

in the line

A North Korean missile launched on Wednesday was aimed at an area of the ocean close to Hawaii, a Japanese newspaper reported on Friday.

Make me feel happy…make me feel fine.

UPDATE: “L’Estrange”-d, indeed.

Australia will significantly curtail its diplomatic ties with North Korea over a series of brazen missile tests that have drawn widespread international condemnation, local media reported Friday.
Australia is one of a handful of countries that maintains limited diplomatic relations with Pyongyang.
According to a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corp. on Friday, the head of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Michael L’Estrange, said departmental dealings with North Korean officials will be canceled.

5 Responses to “Tiny Bubbles”

  1. And we don’t just nuke the bastard why?

  2. Nightfly says:

    This is beginning to tick me off. This poof-haired bastid may be off his nut, but he’s not an idiot – the Norks can only do this if they’re certain that there will be no response beyond gum-flapping.
    You know, Kim-boy, our missiles WORK.

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    Unfortunately his will too if he gets enough practice.
    I don’t recall us having an unblemished record of ballistic brilliance, either.

  4. And he has a green right to ‘practice’ his happy rittle ass off, apparentry.
    Well, we haven’t done too badly in the missile arena. The most obvious loser candidate ~ the Patriot ~ doesn’t really count as it was originally designed to be an anti-aircraft defense and did it remarkably well ~ then was tweaked, twisted and bastardized into an ad hoc anti-missile defense. So flubs? Really not it’s fault, but, amazingly, it still did okay. As much as I hate the a$$hole, he seems like a (dare I say it?) rocket scientist in this aspect…

    July 1998. A commission chaired by Donald Rumsfeld (now secretary of defense) finds that the threat of a ballistic missile attack could emerge sooner than predicted in the 1995 intelligence estimate. Many experts criticize the commission, however, for emphasizing what could happen rather than what was likely to happen.

    Haroh, Hans Brix?

  5. Plus, as major dad urges me to point out, there is a HUGE difference between ballistic and ANTI-ballistic. One is trying to get something someplace as fast as you possibly can. That ‘fast’ is about 17K+mph. THAT’S fast. The other ~ to use an analogy I heard today about the Star Wars system ~ is like comparing a putt on a putting green (ballistic) to a putt where the hole is the same size…but moving at 17 thousand miles an hour (ANTI-ballistic).

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