Today’s Excuse for S L O W Blogging

Bingley’s on the road, Crusader has a real job and I’ve got a Gallery Night downtown tonight. That means I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut-off ~ trying to remember where I put that painting, this print and those martini glasses ~ so I can fill my gypsy peddler’s sacks and make a buck. (Schmaybe two.) But there’s always free flowing wine and chocolate to take the edge off meeting the public (and vice versa) for four hours, so hey. I have the best of all worlds.
Later gators!

7 Responses to “Today’s Excuse for S L O W Blogging”

  1. GALA says:

    Have fun!

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Rotsa ruck, THS!!!

  3. Cindermutha says:

    Have fun! Hope you make many bucks!

  4. Crusader says:

    Hey, I resent the whole ‘real job’ thingie……

  5. Nightfly says:

    Faster, Sister! Sell! Sell!

  6. Ebola says:

    If I had to tote my ass all the way over to Perdido to give her files for this bloody thing she’d better well sell. Sell! Sell like your son! Funniest thing about this is she’s gonna have to put up with visits from my charming roomate. Have fun with Emily madre. ::cackle::

  7. Thank you to all my well wishers! Made enough to pay for a snazzy dinner out afterwards, so woo-hoo! Must have been all the good juju sent my way from ya’ll. {:^)
    A note to my snarly spawn ~ thank you for the files, but the printer’s pooped. All for naught, sweet child. All for naught.

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