Today’s Inspirational Poster

Is brought to you by our friend Robb at Sharp As A Marble:

We’ll be seeing this in those SkyMall catalogues in no time, mark my words…

6 Responses to “Today’s Inspirational Poster”

  1. Hey! The slimy bastard airbrushed out the dude in the kilt!

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    And the goat.

  3. BASTARD!! Get that obvious fakery off our pristine site!!

  4. Robb Allen says:

    Goat photoshopping..
    Dunno ’bout that, even I have standards.

  5. It’s called ‘Paint Shop Pro Goating’ for your information, Mr. Pho-to Trickery Smarty Pants. Are you questioning the veracity of my work?
    Are YOU implying there ARE NO GOATS in LEBANON?!!!?? HUH?? HUH??!!

  6. Mr. Bingley says:

    Where there’s llamas…

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