Tonight’s Twitter Brainteaser

Courtesy of your “Democratic Members of Congress”.

Ask Democrats
Not on Twitter, but interested in asking a Q for House Dems today?
Email #AskDems #healthcareworks #hcr

Clever outreach, eh? I wonder which of our elected Democratic rocket scientists were the ones who decided that the absolute coolest, hippest way possible to get someone to email relevant and earthshaking questions was to solicit them on a social platform they don’t use.

It’s like when the power company phone matrix (after you’ve pressed “1” for anglais, of course) directs you to use their website to report an outage.

Self-serving. Utterly.


2 Responses to “Tonight’s Twitter Brainteaser”

  1. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Oh… I dunno. I read twitter at times, but I don’t tweet, don’t have an account, don’t want an account.

    OTOH, I doubt any questions I’d ask would get answered, so…yeah. #fail

    And… loved your example. I’ve run into it. Viva la Century Link! :))

  2. Kathy Kinsley says:

    PS – I’m on DSL – and the phone company tells me to get online to report a DSL outage. Yep. Right. (Phone working, DSL not – happened twice.)

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