“Total Crap”

Sort of sums up Washington these days, doesn’t it (Or at the very least how the Giants played against the Bears last week)? But that’s actually what John Murtha, Mr. Abscam – to – Okinawa himself thinks of Nancy Grapes Of Wrath Pelosi’s Ethics Bill

On Hardball, Murtha had two strategies on “crap.” The first was to try to claim it was the corruption that was “crap.” When that didn’t fly, he said only meant the bill was “crap” in relation to the more urgent need to act on the Iraq war. Nice try! The problem is in his initial discussion of the issue, Murtha gave away why he really thinks the new ethics rules are “crap”–that they are, in Chris Matthews’ words, “Mickey Mouse.”

Actually, to me the most revealing thing Murtha said was this:

MURTHA: Let me tell you, I agree that we have to return a perception of honesty to the Congress.

There it is, folks, in black and white, the Congressional Prayer:

Dear Lord, let us, in your merciful wisdom and kindness, go back to those halcyon days where people thought we were honest, as these attempts at actually being honest are too trying for our souls…and wallets. Amen, er, person.

The perception of honesty. Someone oughta write a book about that.

5 Responses to ““Total Crap””

  1. I thought “Total Crap” was Murtha’s autobiography.

  2. (Wasn’t that “Sour” Grapes of Wrath?_

  3. KG says:

    I saw the interview yesterday, seemed like a good little piece of spin. Didn’t necessarily buy it, but I at least got it.
    Of course, it doesn’t matter since he got trounced in the election for majority leader. heh.

  4. Dave J says:

    Forget just Majority Leader: I’d heard rumors Hoyer was seriously considering trying to get enough R’s and D’s together to vote for him as Speaker. He and Nancy Pelosi have DESPISED each other for ages, and I would love to see that mess.

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