Totally Stoked to Be Here Today, Dudes

4 Responses to “Totally Stoked to Be Here Today, Dudes”

  1. JeffS says:

    “Whatever”, huh?

    That inspires confidence. NOT.

  2. Gunslinger says:

    Great, the country is under the control of a bunch of snotty, spoiled adolescents.

  3. BlackDog says:

    Kansas has a sad history of electing female governors who are idiots! The previous governor almost forced SW Kansas to suceed and merge with Colorado or Oklahama. She relented because somebody told her that it contained the entire Hugoton oil& gas reservoir which produced over a third of the states income. My home state of Illinois produces male governors who are idiots with convictions [just asj the Attorney Generals Office]

  4. currently says:

    Let us hope the regime doesn’t throw her under the bus.

    She perfectly embodies the Libs’ lies, ducking & jiving.

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