Turn the Fan On

The excrement’s already starting to fly. Woof! Didn’t take those weasely wasscally Dems but an hour to put out a schmear on Dreier. Of course, if he is gay, he’s a dummy for just not saying so. Who cares? But it begs the question; how far up someone’s butt do you get to climb to try to make/find your point? Like looking into the adoptions of Judge Roberts’ kids. The whole thing’s disgusting, the whole dirt scraping, all means necessary thing. If he went to teas run by the Chinese and took M.O.N.E.Y., then do something about it. Or if he’s an axe murderer, perjurist, congressional intern philanderer, an ‘I dare you to catch me’ Gary Hart type, or Kiwi Squid pornographer, then DO something about it. Otherwise, leave people to be judged on their merits A.L.O.N.E.. And to be able to expect some amount of peace in a public life.

2 Responses to “Turn the Fan On”

  1. Dave J says:

    I like David Dreier (um, not in that way…not that there’s anything wrong with that), and I have no doubt that most of his Orange County constituents couldn’t care less whether he’s gay, straight or whatever. What pisses me off is the self-righteous hypocrisy involved in trying to “out” him, the idea that no tactics are ever off limits in the service of the “correct” ideology.

  2. I think the irony is sooo delicious. The liberal party of tolerance and inclusiveness, of the other America, going after someone because he’s GAY, schmaybe. And no, nobody would give a hoot and a half if he was. He’s a decent fellow and a good legislator for his constituency. And if he was gay and chose to live his life as if that particular nugget was his ::gasp:: own business and no concern of anyone else’s, then why shouldn’t he be able to? I have no clue why someone would subject themselves to the bull$hit that goes on anymore,

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