Up To Seven Missiles Launched

We need to stop this guy, and soon:

North Korea remained defiant. A North Korea foreign ministry official told Japanese journalists in Pyongyang that the regime there has an undeniable right to test missiles.
“The missile launch is an issue that is entirely within our sovereignty. No one has the right to dispute it,” Ri Pyong Dok, a researcher on Japanese affairs at the North’s Foreign Ministry, said on footage aired by TBS. “On the missile launch, we are not bound by any agreement.”

Well, we do have a right and an obligation to dispute it. I’m so disgusted by this attitude of “who are you to deny them nuclear weapons since the US has used them.” The logic is breathtaking, really: we dropped nukes on Japan to crush a murderous regime and end the bloodiest war the world has so far seen, and we haven’t used them since. Therefore we have no right to object when murderous regimes led by unstable nutjobs/religions want to develop nukes; in fact, we have an obligation to supply them with the technology needed.
I mean, that’s basically what the left is saying, isn’t it?
Thankfully we can count on the BBC to bring in dear Madeleine Albright for some words of wisdom:

I hold no brief for Kim Jong-il but the mistake has been that we have not had negotiations with him in the last five years and this is an example of a failed policy. But I think what has to happen now is that we obviously have to be in very close consultation with other members of the six-party talks and our allies.
And I think one has to consider whether there should be action within the United Nations and to show a united front among those in the region and other members of the Security Council.

No, Mads, an “example of a failed policy” is your giving Kim oil and building nuclear reactors for him, as a ‘reward’ for being a good little boy, dontcha think?

One Response to “Up To Seven Missiles Launched”

  1. Dave J says:

    “The missile launch is an issue that is entirely within our sovereignty.”
    Of course an overtly belligerent act of war is within their sovereignty. And it’s within the sovereignty of any country threatened by it to respond.

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