Very Early This Morning Two Years Ago

…Ivan was busy blowing through major dad’s office.

The first thing to greet a visitor were the hallways covered with a slimy, stinky inch and a half worth of God knows what. And then you turn left…

…which hints at what his Marines’ office space…

…is going to look like. Ivan’s storm surge crashed into the back windows of the building, which stood on the pier at the historic Navy yard. major dad’s personal office was on the street side of the building. The door had been locked and was so still when he first arrived on the scene. But when they got it open, his desk had floated around helter skelter, along with the rest of the office furniture, ripping holes in the soaked drywall as they spun. Everything they’d secured in double plastic bags in the top of his six foot wall locker was soaked and reeking, and there was a four foot waterline left of toxic brown sludge.
Ivan’s waters came in the back of the historic building…

…and his winds took the front. Almost every building has been razed now and what a shame. You should have seen the beams in just the roof of major dad’s building ~ massive. (I believe the keystone said 1873 and there were far older buildings than his still in use.) They’re all gone now.
I thought the oddest storm quirk of all were the cheapo white aluminum blinds lining each window. Every last pane of heavy duty glass was completely blown out, steel walls were ripped and twisted, furniture had been tossed like rags and those nasty blinds were still attached and hung ~ a little twisted, but stubbornly intact after all the forces of nature hurled at and through them for hours on end.
I think there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

2 Responses to “Very Early This Morning Two Years Ago”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Geez, give a Marine a perfectly good building, and see what happens….

  2. Kcruella says:

    My lttle ray of sunshine has not fully recovered from hearing that Major Dad’s collection of Maxim magazines were lost in the storm.

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