Video Of The Year

I can not imagine what this poor man went through for three days 100′ under the ocean in a capsized tugboat

LAGOS, Nigeria – About 100 feet down, on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, divers had already pulled four bodies out of the sunken tugboat. Then a hand appeared on a TV screen monitoring the recovery.

Everyone assumed it was another corpse, and the diver moved toward it.

“But when he went to grab the hand, the hand grabbed him!” Tony Walker, project manager for the Dutch company DCN Diving, said of the rescue in May.

Harrison Odjegba Okene, the tug’s Nigerian cook, had survived for three days by breathing an ever-dwindling supply of oxygen in an air pocket.

The scene where he grabs his hand comes right out of a horror movie. Good god, I would need to get my wetsuit cleaned…

2 Responses to “Video Of The Year”

  1. Syd B. says:

    Yes, that would be instant laundry day. That poor guy who was trapped must have been agonizing over his upcoming death. I can’t imagine the horror in that.

  2. Kathy Kinsley says:

    Indeed, I would have needed a good bit of cleaning myself.

    That man will have one helluva tale to tell his kids and grandkids. 🙂

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