Vote Democratic in November!!

Let’s stop this sh*t from EVER repeating…

US Treasury Sets New 1-Day Tax Receipt Record Of $85.8 Billion
…Total tax receipts were $85.8 billion on Friday, compared with the previous one-day record of $71 billion on Sept. 15 of last year, the Treasury said.
Within the overall figure, corporate tax receipts Friday were $71.8 billion, up from $63 billion in September of last year.
…”In fact, Friday’s gross receipts were the largest in a single day in the nation’s history – 20% higher than receipts on the same quarterly tax payment date last year,” Quarles said in a statement.

…itself. It’s sucks! It’s a travesty! It’s despicable!! And it’s a lie!!
I’ll whip them into shape when I get the big desk.

Awash in cash ~ who do they think they’re fooling?

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