Voters’ Remorse

But with the exception of the specific timeline language on the end, it was still very much the same resolution. And if you went back and read it, and a lot of us did, it still did…there were intimations in there about ’06, and I think it just did do exactly what we shouldn’t be doing right now, and that is telegraphing to the terrorists that if you mess with us long enough, that we’re going to go away.

-Senator John Thune of South Dakota on Hugh Hewitt yesterday, about the smackdown Republicans senators are receiving about the Warner-Frist vote.
More and more, I see Bill Frist as an ineffectual gooberhead presidential wanna-be, with the spine of a banana slug. “WHOOPS ~ DO OVER!” doesn’t cut it when troops are in the field, dying in that snake-pit every day for a war the United States Senate authorized.
Swill Salute to The Radio Blogger.

3 Responses to “Voters’ Remorse”

  1. GALA says:

    You do not say or have votes like that for just the reason you stated,THS! Also those soldiers are keeping the enemy off of the U.S.’s back!

  2. Dave J says:

    Frist is completely useless (and that’s being generous): he really should already know he’s dug himself into too many holes to ever have a chance at the nomination in 2008. For that, at least, I suppose we can all be grateful.

  3. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Frankly, the number of potential presidential candidates from ANY party dwindles daily….and the initial list wasn’t all that long to begin with.

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